Any True Value to Online Dating?

These may sound like the rantings of a bitter and cynical woman, so negative a view of the potential for love that I believe nothing is possible… but there is much to be seen in what I am about to say.

All of those advertisements for the online dating websites that are out there, and their guarantee to help provide everyone with their perfect match? What is there honestly to be believed… other than the fact that they pull in an amazing profit each month from those individuals desperately seeking an easy way to find a partner in life.  online dating 2

I have tried some of them a few times, whether it be the free trials or the short-term subscriptions. There is no real solution as to the ability to look at some image and profile of another human being on the internet and feel that spark that comes when you get that instant attraction toward someone you know may have true potential. And I’m SO SORRY, but how can you honestly be sure to believe everything posted in those profiles that are meant to be the life tales of others looking for that perfect lifelong match.

I wonder where the truth of these possibilities comes into play. In a period of about five years now making an attempt at these sites off and on, there has only been one short-term relationship found in the process. I will admit that he was a nice guy with a life similar to mine, but it burnt out quicker than the living room lamp from the exhausted professional ready to go to bed after a 12-hour day in the office followed by networking events and heavy traffic. There is no need for me to believe that there is any true passionate flame to be found simply by looking at a small group of photos and reading a brief little profile. online dating 1

Plus, I will admit it myself… I haven’t even updated my profile photos on those online dating sites in years. I’m just not that interested in it, and my personal theory is that if someone really wants to get to know me they will do so in person and make their final decision from there. However, at this point I have done some of my own research on this subject. With a couple of short subscriptions and seeking out the options of actually meeting someone with true potential I have been stood up for two lunch dates to meet someone I had already texted over the phone. I was blown off twice by one individual who came up with some pretty basic reasons not to meet me for lunch, but then very quickly disappeared from communication completely. Additionally, there were at least two individuals whom I gave a decent chance with an initial meeting, only to find their personalities lacking in the thrill described in the online dating profiles. My resolution is as follows: Honesty is completely lacking online. There is no reason to believe that the lifetime, solid, supportive and happy relationship can be built from a simple online meeting.


Author: sara-copywriting

Freelance Web Copywriter

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