Increasing Levels of Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Today

It’s hard to say where the key points all lie, but with the increasing number of news stories over the past 4 or 5 years there is something to be said about the recent women bringing to light stories of sexual harassment in the workplace. Whether they are stories of actors and directors coming onto the women around them, or other situations where it is a standard office place, there is something about this that states a step backward culturally for our country in the equality of women.discrimination

With discrimination of many factors, there is always the risk in the workplace between colleagues, from a superior and more. We are such a society immersed in the evils played out against one another, focused on the “news” spread about like jam to enhance the flavor of life. There seems to be nothing more important than the dirt shared regarding all of the lawsuits from one leading actor or director, a politician against a woman who only wanted to improve her career. Think of the historical racial issues that plagued this country less than a century ago. And now it seems as though there is the ability for anyone to demean the quality of another’s life. 

So many years ago, we had women who came together for many gains of independence, gaining the right to vote late in the 18th century to the further roles played in the Underground Railroad and Introduction of Feminism in the 19th century. Things have continued to grow and develop for women, though there seems to be something about the way that men of power and wealth seem to attempt to push us back down. of all the basic stories of rape and misconduct that appear in the news on a weekly basis, in addition to all of the nationally highlighted cases like one of our former presidents, actor Bill Cosby and now Harvey Weinstein. It’s amazing to question how many more may be out there without being exposed by their victims. While it may not always be as serious as rape, there is always the offense of attempting to overcome someone with power that is simply upheld by the belief that he is of the stronger or greater sex. sexual harassment

There was once a reference to women as “the weaker sex” and the more we fought back against that, the more events took place to build our stature and equality. I wonder about all of those women throughout the past centuries who organized so many women’s rights events, the colleges and meetings that they put together to convince other women all over the country and world that they were worth more than the role of wives and mothers in their homes and families. Do we need women to redeem that message again? Has it become somewhat forgotten? Maybe it is time for us to come together, even if it’s online and then reinvent the wheel.



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