A Nation Divided

There is so much to question today. Especially over the past eight months. We have welcomed a billionaire corporate leader into the most elite leadership position of our country and the only way that he wants to communicate with the American people is via the limitations of Twitter.

nation divided 2Now we have the near entertainment of facing a president who concerns himself more with his own presentation as the man in the seat at the head of the table, rather than the safety of the people in our nation who have been overcome by so many horrible incidents since his inauguration. Should we as a people be worried about a president who seems to be screaming “Me, me, me!!!” from the podium without any question for what the next steps should be in benefit of those who have suffered from incredible natural disaster, human torment and much more. He would rather stand up with a big sign (or a little tweet) and constantly rant on and on about how much better he is than the presidents before him.

It has gotten to the point all these months after he entered the White House that even representatives of his own side have decided not to run for office again next year. It seems like statements have been slowly made from West to East by Republicans across the country that there is just too much controversy and argument to handle again in the coming year.

Now, with the Thanksgiving weekend behind us and our ‘president’ back in D.C., I have to only ask where the next tornado of Capitol Hill challenges will lead. I know that when I jog on the treadmill to tweak out my stresses of the day or week, for some reason I have the tendency to turn on CNN or some other news channel just to read the closed captioning of what those Senate and House members are yelling back and forth at each other. It’s gotten to the point that not only are the lobbyist and other groups of this country divided, but our own government seems to find it harder and harder to communicate in their meetings. With the next deadline coming up, I have to wonder what will happen. What do you think?!?!?!



Author: sara-copywriting

Freelance Web Copywriter

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