Environmental Impact of Christmas Trees

The real Christmas trees can provide a life cycle, both being grown constantly on farms and then biodegradable for recycling after the season and can be used as mulch all around your region. We all know that the myth of cutting down Christmas trees annually is making a reduction upon the environment, however many studies have been completed that this is the most effective choice for a Christmas tree inside the home. There is much to appreciate about the history of the real Christmas tree here in America and its many facts and environmental impacts.

christmas trees 2

There is a long and supportive study provided by the North Carolina Christmas Tree Association proving that the natural Christmas tree is the most beneficial choice. Since these trees are grown regularly on American plantation farms and help to maintain the national green space. Additionally, fake trees are produced across different Asian nations and do absolutely nothing to help the environment or our nation.

There is another list of benefits provided by the National Christmas Tree Association showing the environmental benefits of the consistent and regular use of the real evergreen tree throughout the holiday season. The many facts that the real Christmas tree is renewable, recyclable and helping to preserve green spaces show the many benefits across the country.

It is also helpful to see websites of Christmas Tree Farms to see the farming methods used to keep regular amounts of trees available annually for the holiday season. The following is stated from The Middleburg Tree Farm:

A single farmed tree absorbs more than 1 ton of CO2 throughout its lifetime. Since more than 350 million real Christmas trees are growing in U.S. tree farms and the average tree is harvested after 10 years, tree farms sequester about 35 million tons of CO2 per year which is the equivalent of the CO2 produced to provide electric power to 3 million Americans every year.

In order to ensure a healthy supply of Christmas trees each year, growers must use sustainable farming techniques. For each tree harvested, three seedlings are planted the following spring, ensuring a healthy supply of trees. Largely because the cultivation of Christmas trees is a very recent phenomenon they are still very hardy and pest resistant. Use of pesticides is minimal and most growers mow between trees and avoid the use of herbicides.”

There is much to see in the work that these farms provide to benefit our environment and economy here in the United States. No true benefit of the fake Christmas tree has been proven, so there is always much to be seen from maintaining the historical American tradition of bringing in a real tree to the home every year.


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