Homosexuality in the Church

Equality. That is all I have to say. There was an amazing story on the news here in Cincinnati a while ago about a local church that was able to help the position of their homosexual minister and having charges against him released. It is exciting to see that there is finally progress being made in one of the most conservative venues to the ability for equality to be seen from all corners of the room.

 There is a Methodist church here in town, where their homosexual minister leads a wonderful life with his husband with whom he was married by a pastor of the church. While there is one remaining charge against him since there is still limitation about being married in this manner within the church. I can only hope that will be released as well, and that some of these regulations and limitations will be re-evaluated within the upper members of the clergy and hopefully realize that a person’s sexuality is a completely separate part of their being from their belief in God and Jesus. homosexuality in the church 2

 I believe that there is every right for complete equality for anyone who is homosexual, transgender or other issue of inequality. Rights are deserved within the church as much as they are in public, school, workplace and everywhere else.

 So, reading some of the published articles about this topic there appears to be much more controversy in the matter of morality rather than sex. Apparently, the leadership of many different denominations believe that the support of gay marriage in the church downplays the authority of scripture as a whole. I have to disagree with this personally, but possibly that it because I have the perception of reading the Bible in the similar fashion as I would poetry or literature.

 I like the story of a local minister mentioned above who has stood up so strongly for himself and his own beliefs, while still presenting his faith and belief in the scripture and church. There is no reason at all to determine the ability for a couple or an individual to be a part of any church just because of their sexuality. Everyone is still a person who has the right to carry out each of their own beliefs as they see fit.

I guess what it seems to be is to be a double-edged sword within an environment that is supposedly so accepting and welcoming to discard and discriminate against people for this one simple reason. I know that I would love to see the added words presented to combine the ability for these leaders of the church to stand out for the voice of the public. There is no reason for the poetic and beloved word of the Bible to tell any individual that their identity or belief is wrong. Everyone has the opportunity to believe in both their own individuality along with God and our savior Jesus Christ.



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