Millions of us have struggled to find a way into college and even more so, a way to pay for the tuition. No matter how many grants and stipends are out there for application, so many students find the need to sign on for extreme loans to enter the classroom more easily than working ridiculous hours that might only pay for one class a term.

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I know that when I was in college there was not much of an option other than to run straight to the Federal Loan Service at the Admissions office in order to pursue full-time tuition and focus my attention primarily on my education. So many years ago, there were not all of these commercials and emails about Student Loans being reversible or forgiven, but I was always under the image that a college degree would simply provide me the income level to repay these loans within a decent amount of time. Oh boy was I wrong. 

So now I am thinking about how much I can tell the world about all of those questions that arise when thinking of how to pay for the education we so imminently need in order to further our professional lives as adults. It is definitely a frustrating issue, especially since I have found myself continually deferring the ones that I chose to take on, even after consolidating them a couple of times! So… there will be much more to offer in the need of what should be researched before signing a single paper for student loans, and I will have more to tell very soon!


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