Controversial Literary Titles that Simply Told World History

banned booksEveryone studies literature in school. Many of the most common books were once banned or even burned, despite being commonly taught today. Authorial voice spreads key points of world history, including some of those that our governments have attempted to keep hidden. Many of the most commonly taught works were originally banned from publication, classrooms and libraries for obscenity, anti-political voice or more, authors were banned because of their willingness to open up honestly about the stories of our world. The most open and liberal authors often faced denial of publication being viewed as criminal because of their honesty.

Many of these titles, including the ones below, and others were banned for harsh language and content, as far back as elementary school, though they are now taught in most schools. They are more educational in regard to history than they were controversial, providing incredible knowledge and perspective to the students who read them in the classroom.

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