Banned Books Shaping History

banned booksI think of literary works that have shaped history from a dark perspective, especially here in America. One of my favorites is Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller; a book that was written directly from his naughty experiences in Paris while also banned from being published or even shipped into the U.S. upon initial completion.

In the past there have been so many books that began their place in history as controversial or even banned from the American schools or shelves completely. I know that I think of Tropic of Cancer because this is one of my favorite books in general, considering the viewpoint that Henry Miller took from his own experiences overseas. Learning and taking in the culture of Europe during the WWII era, there would be much for the American public to see from the eyes of their neighbors who were over there as well. But, considering the nature of the streets of Paris American publishers refused this book to be released openly here in the homeland.tropic of cancer

I know that hundreds of books over the past couple of centuries have been banned from the reader’s eye by publishers, schools, churches and many more groups, based on the type of explicit content they supposedly had. While there were a number of reasons that the themes of these books were considered to be uncomfortable, there was also the avoidance of certain truths about the culture of our entire world and the steps being taken in forward motion. While at the time of their publication, many of these books, poetry and plays by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote, John Steinbeck, William Faulkner, Mark Twain and many, many more were shot to the wind or even burned in churchyards because of their supposedly cursed nature. There was no consideration of the fact that these authors and their books were intended to bring to life the tales of some of the greatest, most-upstanding events taking place across the world at the very time they were written. Now that we have them as historical references to supplement dry and emotionless history textbooks.

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