Teaching ESL for the Benefit of A Man

nation dividedWhile teaching English as a Second Language for factory workers in a local town, there is definitely something that has made me think so much about all of the news stories that have arisen over the past six months or so with all of the border issues coming along with President Trump’s lack-luster systems and over-vocal procedures. There are so many immigrants who set goals for themselves simply to earn their way into the United States for the freedoms they would gain, as well as the rights that would be gained for the future generations for their families. I can sit and look at the response of one man when he can hardly understand a word out of my mouth when I try to ask where he came from, the name of his wife and if they have any children. There was some sort of emotion and almost heart-stopping fearful love that were a sort of confirmation that he was putting all of this work and effort into his work to help ensure that a quality life is kept for himself and his family.

It almost breaks into mockery the way that our current President, who happens to have reached so many of the “American Dreams” on his own, is fighting with incredible strength to push out millions of individuals who have put so much energy into gaining the dreams of their own. Historically, the American theory or goal was also based on the premise to expand the population, open to people around the world who were looking to gain the freedoms that would be so much warmer and more welcoming here on our land.

And now, seeing this in person there is much for me to realize about how I really feel about this situation and the intense level at which it has been taking over our news over the past six months or so. Upon learning that mothers, fathers, grandparents and other heads of their households have been forced out of the country only to leave behind their native orphan family members, there is something abusive about what is being done around the country.

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