States Suing Trump over the Fuel Rollback

A Legal Battle as Well as Political

Alright, our ridiculous president finds a way to cause an upset basically every morning. We have incredible issues of energy and fuel prices facing our nation and world today, and it appears that the Trump administration is willing to place the well-being of our earth on hold. fuel

While statements were made that pushing off the deadlines or goals to the changes needed in American automobiles, it appears that there will be more of a cost in the fuel used in the cars that are allowed to remain on the street. While they will continue to burn more fuel than we have available.

Just the other day PBS reported: “Over President Obama’s tenure, rules were put in place that would have nearly doubled the average fuel economy standard in the U.S., which the Trump administration has argued goes too far. Now a new EPA proposal would set standards to far lower to protect manufacturers and consumers from costs. Judy Woodruff reports that Thursday’s announcement sets up a looming legal battle with some states.”1

Basically, it is being stated that public comment is being received in order to determine what will be the best for the nation… before any final decisions are made.

The Original Standards Put into Place by Obama

Basically, our previous president took steps in 2012 to start setting standards for the future in order to help reduce fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions incredibly in our nation. With the warnings that have been accepted regarding global warming, the Obama administration had worked toward setting standards of 30 mg by 2020 and 36 mpg of all new automobiles manufactured as of 2025. “During the Obama administration, the federal government worked with California and the auto industry to craft a uniform set of national fuel-economy standards. The White House’s latest proposal threatens to blow up that delicate compromise.”

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