Thinking About the Original American Philosophy

Thinking More – Immigration and Why It is Being Brought Down

I still sit here thinking about the founding fathers of our country and the plan to allow so many freedoms that helped our initial population break away from their many restrictive homelands. There are so many millions of Americans, whether they are already legalized or not, who have placed an incredible amount of their own efforts on being welcomed into this country with the ability to build a life for themselves and their families, now to see that an overbearing douche-bag of a billionaire has become our president and wants to have them kicked right back out.

If you saw my previous post, being a part-time teacher of English as a second language there is much to concern when considering these individuals as real people. They are an input to this nation’s commerce and culture, as well as the friends and family of so many who are also here legally. Just because their entrance into our nation was a battle there is no reason to consider them “illegal.” It seems as though the requirement that they are pulled off the street for committing an actual crime is forgotten in so many of those childish tweets produced by our president on a daily basis.

A President Lacking the True Morals and Values of a Politician

While he is also finding a reason to battle almost every personal right and freedom that were initially set up for the American population, there is something about this man who believes he is the only one allowed the complete Bill of Rights. Apparently, those rights, especially the first, only apply to one man named President Trump today in 2017.

There is much to consider with the daily tweets that are the freedom of speech and freedom of press that Trump has taken upon himself. According to his own terms there is no right for the actual press to present what they see in the public, or any visible stories that are presented in response to major events and tragedies that have taken place across our nation over the past eight to ten months. Only his tweets are supposed to be the honesty while every ounce of journalism or press is so-called fictitious presentation against him. There is something about this placement that makes it more of a battle than a leadership, battling a number of different groups within our nation rather than working with his staff to pull together improvements for our country as a whole.


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