Rosemary’s Babies – 2018 Trampoline Tap Out

rosemary1I thought I would bring up another notification from a wonderful charity that I had the pleasure of meeting last week at the Metropolitan Club in Covington. All I can say is take a moment to consider having the incredible, childlike fun of jumping on a trampoline on November 10 for the benefit of local mothers and their babies.

There are so many options available to help contribute to Rosemary’s Trampoline Tap Out, whether you attend, volunteer, sponsor, compete or serve as a vendor. “Jumpers” of all ages have the ability to spend the morning on the trampolines. The best thing to do is enjoy the whole day and take advantage of the opportunity to help those mothers and babies grow! rosemary2

It doesn’t take much to help Rosemary’s Babies work toward the annual goal of $10,000. There is much to consider with every single little contribution, and knowing Rosemary myself I say that she appreciates everyone who is willing to assist. With a number of teams to already compete against, there is a great deal of fun to be had!



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