We all like solar energy and what it has to offer in cost savings as well as the reduction of the carbon footprint. There are so many more renewable energy options out there, and all nations around the world have the ability to work toward a greener life.

You will see here on many of my blog posts that there are a number of different methods for generating power and heat simply from your compost or the water drainage. There are so many different ways that these two methods can work together for the heat and energy of your home, along with the ability to have a hot water heater that no longer needs electricity or gas.

Then there are also the many different options that come from nature, including algae and other items of water waste. These could be so helpful in ocean and beachfront areas that tend to come away so harmed by the annual waste of the red tide. Think of the ability to use all that algae for energy rather than the ocean life that it kills in overwhelming rates every summer.

I have a feeling I will think of much more about this topic as time goes on but given so many different areas where I have the ability to research sustainable and renewable energy sources I just thought I would put it out there for now and see what the rest of you have to say about it!


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