America’s Only Water Sommelier!

Now, this is a great thing to consider, especially since most of us would never consider the flavor or supplemental taste of water to the meal or additional drinks we have on the table at a restaurant. Martin Riese is the world’s leading water sommelier and states his desire to bring the message to the world that water has taste, and that it is not just a boring need for hydration in the body.

Unfortunately for me, it would take a trip to Los Angeles to see what he has to offer to the entire meal. However, the story on the news was incredibly amusing and interesting as well. However, his name is Martin Riese, and he is extremely passionate about the flavor and quality of water, even in comparison to the typical relation of wine to our meals. It’s something along the lines of Jesus and all the “Water to Wine” tales that we have from history, at least in how much he is able to place on the value of water as a whole.

There are definitely some incredible news reports over the past year or so on what he has been able to bring to the restaurant industry in his area. It makes me think it would be interesting to have more professionals of this sort throughout the country, especially with all the health reports we receive in the need for people to drink more water on a daily basis.

Now, it’s quite interesting to think of what a sommelier is overall, especially in relation to the fact that we usually consider water to be something of a very basic or simple nature. I know that I never really think of water as something very glorious, flavorful or magnificent on the dinner table, but it can be something very important on a daily basis, both for health and dining. When I think about it myself I know that there are plenty of meals that I have when a simple and refreshing beverage like water is much more supportive than something like wine or liquor.



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