Cincinnati Natives – USS Nightmare Recommended

I recently wrote about my own research into the use of Meetups to actually meet new people in person, expand your social experiences and grow as a person. I know that after spending such a great deal of time alone here in the house there is so much that I would love to be doing more often out there on the town, making new friends and having fun, that there are many groups I am looking forward to getting more involved in.

Living here in Cincinnati, we have a well-known Halloween event in the USS Nightmare. There are so many local events for the Fall and Halloween, and it is wonderful to feel like part of a group again in attending one of these eye-opening and exciting locations. I know that this is one thing that I have wanted to see for myself for many years now, and have just kept putting it off. And now that I finally checked that “Yes” box in the online RSVP I am so happy that I went.

I have to thank the ladies of the Adventurous Women in Cincinnati for making me feel welcome on my first outing with them last year, making me feel so comfortable with them even though it was our very first meeting. I have to say that I was nervous at first, but I look forward to attending many events with these lovely ladies in the future!

Now, about the boat itself…

There is incredible entertainment in this old ferry sitting on the Ohio River along the Newport Banks. A wonderful historical and frightening story is published on TV screens as you wait in line to go through the haunted boat. There is much to learn about the captain, his crew, and his family as well, and everything that took place when the boat itself faced a fatal crash so many years ago. While there is also the eerie tale of the captain’s lost daughter, apparently never seen again nor a body found after the crash.

While walking through the haunted location, there is such a wonderful life to these “haunted” spirits. Even though they are supposedly the ghosts and spirits of those who died upon the crash of the boat, there is also the excitement and entertainment of trying to find out where the next frightening being will jump out at you. There is also the entertainment of the recurring maze-like setup that enhances the length of the USS Nightmare as well as the confusion. There are so many points where it seems like the course may almost be ending when you suddenly find yourself back along a path that appears similar to a location near the beginning.

This is a haunted experience well worth the wait in line, and well work the price of the ticket! Newport is an incredible evening out overall, so this is another wonderful event to add to a night on the town.


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