We all come up with plenty of reasons why we are having trouble sleeping at night, whether it be back or muscle aches, or headaches or things like Restless Leg Syndrome. We can find all sorts of medications, even those as simple as ibuprofen or aspirin, that include sleep aids as well as pain relief.

I guess that can make things harder in the long run, as we can all become reliant upon chemical assistance to fall asleep and to sleep through the night. I know this first hand with many of the situations mentioned above. There are also nights when I find myself simply restless and anxious and unable to fall asleep in my own bed, even after the purchase of a brand new comfortable mattress. So, the first thing I have always tried is melatonin, the natural chemical in the brain that tell the body it is time to go to sleep. However, as I have found, even taking melatonin pills too often can build a bodily resistance to their help and some more natural aids need to be found.

The daily diet can be altered to help maintain proper levels of melatonin and sleep assistance in the blood, so that every night you will be able to calmly lay down knowing that it is time to sleep, removing all stressors and anxieties for the day. So, in my own research I found the assistance in sleeping through additions to daily diet like cherries, fish and other seafood. It’s amazing to know that we can improve our health and wellness, including the ability to sleep well through the night, by adjusting our daily diets. I loved what I found for the ability to sleep, and I know there are many other health and wellness aids to be found to aid both my wellness and yours!


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