Any reason to keep up with the president’s daily rampages?

All I can say is that during the previous two terms I don’t really remember having these same daily overwhelming rampages coming from the White House. Of course, we had the president in the daily media, included with all that was being covered in Congress, but it wasn’t like the president lashing out with tweets and arguments about musicians and movie stars, making it seem like he is more famous than a leader.

Stories have even hit the media about our famous figures fleeing the country because of the fall we are taking under the wings of this president.

There is something that we need to know about what he is trying to do. It is like there is no real leadership coming from the oval office, but simply the attempt at standing out more than famous figures in society. While his leaders try to say that the media is completely insignificant in the daily process, all he seems to want to do is bring his face to the forefront of the media.

It’s hard to say whether he is just trying to strike up arguments throughout the country, trying to say that he is the most popular figure, even in comparison to singers and athletes who draw much heavier crowds.

So, any ideas from all of you out there? Come on! We are a nation of free expression and are all open to our opinions!


Author: sara-copywriting

Freelance Web Copywriter

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