Legalization and Medical Marijuana: Differences between Cannabis and Weed

One key thing to consider is the topic of “Pot Stock” that has crept through the news over the past few years. There is the question of legalization of medical marijuana primarily, but then there is a bit of unclear definition between that and legalization of recreational weed.

With this being a national issue, there is much debate back and forth among states about the risks that come with the legalization and control of marijuana, rather than what the potential benefits could be, both medically to people who could use the treatment of cannabis and the economic benefits of putting legal marijuana on the market.

Medical marijuana clinics continue to open across the country, with more concern for the health benefits of the cannabis that is within the marijuana plant. It needs to be emphasized that it is not the “joint” or “doobie” that needs to be legalized in order to assist so many people in our country.

Other nations around the world have already accepted this herb as a natural treatment for so many diseases and disorders. No matter what the terminology that is used – Hemp, CBD, Cannabidiol – there is much to be gained from those internal nutrients of the cannabis within the marijuana plant.



Author: sara-copywriting

Freelance Web Copywriter

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