Okay, I am going to admit that there is a personal reason for me to address this topic, being both issues in one. I have been concerned for at least a couple of years now that I may already be entering peri-menopause and my challenges with healthy sleep have been growing. This makes me wonder if the two are connected in some way.

Considering a number of direct symptoms that come from all stages of menopause, there can be a resulting change in sleep patterns and overall difficulty sleeping. These include hormonal changes, hot flashes, depression, mood swings, and social issues. Well, I know that I have to admit that many of these things are part of my life over the past few years and could be bringing me a great deal of discomfort in the night.

I know that I find myself restless or uncomfortable, even if I am exhausted upon going to bed. While I’m not even forty yet, I am now starting to think that I have more signals or symptoms than ever that indicate I am entering the next stage of my life.

How about the rest of you? Have you been having this problem as you enter menopause or progress through the cycle? I definitely understand that it’s hard to think of myself as getting “older” with all of the physical and hormonal changes that will occur in this process.

With all of my research, there does not seem to be a definite way to determine whether my sleep issues are a sign of insomnia other than to consult a doctor. I will admit that going to the doctor can be a scary event because we all know that it may lead to the answer we don’t want to hear, which in my case is, “Yes. You have started menopause.”

And from there, we will have much more to discuss on this topic as time rolls on!


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