More than Economy: Could our Democracy Fall?

There have been questions recently of the rise and fall of the stock market at intervals.

Now, there is much more to worry about with the response that has occurred to the mid-term elections. With an amazing placement of more women and diverse ethnicities in Congress than ever in history, there is still something to be said for the argument that is in place across Capitol Hill.

With so many mysterious events, along with the horrific damage happening to our nation and our people, there is much to wonder about the political battle in place. Is there something more important to those at the head of our country than the people who live within our borders?

We have a president yelling at us, constantly attempting to flare out at the media and the public in order to defend his actions in the White House. What is with the defense game that is constantly in play?

How about the various lawsuits that are being placed against our president, especially over the past year? Right now the suit for the first lady being the one to motivate firing of White House employees? What more are we expected to see in the next couple of years if this remains at the lead of our country?

Therefore, questions exist across the board. There is so much to wonder about regarding the battle of the media, and what we have to fight for the freedoms that exist as the standard of our nation. Our Bill of Rights has so much to present for the benefits of our population, but there is something about those at the very lead of our country without the acceptance of those rights in any manner. Is something being completely reversed from 250 years ago when we became an independent nation?


Author: sara-copywriting

Freelance Web Copywriter

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