Do We Have the Ability to Overcome Our Reliance On Fossil Fuels?

So many questions have been asked as to whether renewable energy (i.e. solar, wind, etc.) is reliable enough for a permanent switch. In some instances, there are claims that consumers making a change to solar power in the overall electrical supply of their homes is an overwhelming risk. So, the question remains: Have you heard of the updates that have been made over the past four or five years or so? Do you know much about the photovoltaics and battery storage that have been developed to help add to the life of solar energy? The design of solar power grids that have the ability to generate enough electricity for thousands of homes over the course of a year? Grids that will be able to work in the same way our current power grids do, but without the fossil fuels?

solar 2.jpeg

While much of the GOP has constantly established the need to keep coal mines and other standard fuels moving along in our national economy and workforce. It has been presumed that with the international production of much of the renewable energy products, that it would lead to the loss of jobs here in the United States, but is that really the case? With the tariffs that have been created would we not honestly be able to create American jobs in the solar industry? It has grown so much over the past few decades that there would be a great deal of job development and financial development combined that there is no reason to ignore the potential of solar power right here in the United States.

While we would likely have to work with some other nations where supplies are more easily developed, it would still likely be a great development for Americans if solar development and solar installation were able to move more solidly into the U.S. We have so much to look for in this industry and, yet, it is continually pushed by the wayside for other more ridiculous issues. Do we not need to save our planet in the long run? Should these steps not be taken as soon as possible for environmental protection? There is much more work on solar and other renewables coming, so much more left to see!


Author: sara-copywriting

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