Is obesity honestly a “disease”?

Okay, here is a serious question… especially with so many of the regulatory changes that are about to be made by the White House entering into the new year. If obesity is honestly a disease, and an overwhelming state that has has been taken on by children and adults of our nation, should we really be reinstating unhealthy foods into school cafeterias just to save money? Do we really have a president who believes in the idea of “increase sodium” and “reduce whole grains and vegetables”?

So, we wonder about the idea of obesity being a disease faced by millions of Americans. The answer seems to vary back and forth between the research in some clinics and the advice that is provided by certain doctors. So many medical organizations and doctors alike realize that this is a disease more in realization to psychology than health and well-being. It is recommended to manage weight with a balanced diet and regular exercise, but there are also issues with stress and other mental weaknesses that affect weight.

However, it is hard to understand how obesity is a disease in relation to so many of the others that we have today. It is easy to understand that stress and hormones can have an effect on weight. However, is this really a disease? Is this something that can be genetically passed down from parents to children? Or are we, in fact, more likely to become obese by taking on an unhealthy lifestyle? Is this something that is more likely to become part of our lives as we grow older and spend more time in chairs, working and then laying on the couch on the weekend?

I know that I am guilty of it over the years, and my weight has definitely increased. Does this mean that I have some sort of disease? Or does this mean that I need to motivate myself to eat a little healthier, get just a little more activity, and maybe go to the gym an extra day every week? That could be a little more helpful than whining to my doctor about the possibility of the disease of obesity and asking for some sort of medication that would solve the issues behind it.

Now, I have asked a lot of questions in here… let me know what you think. Even though there has been a lot of research on both sides of the case, we all have our own opinions and we all have the ability to manage our own weight!


Author: sara-copywriting

Freelance Web Copywriter

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