The Many Benefits of Reading

Benefits of reading (on the brain, health, body, etc.) – We’ve been telling our kids to turn off the TV, and now mobile devices, for so long now, but what should they be doing? Would books be a better, healthier source of entertainment?

So much of our reading today is centered around social media and the computer, but is there something more that could be more beneficial. There is much to be considered about the reading of an actual book, even if it is in the digital format. Something much more to the reading of creative words rather than the arguments and whining of all those so-called friends that we watch daily online.

You may be able to see much more of the news or even something of the creativity in literature and other pieces when the distraction of ads and other content is taken away while reading an actual story or book. There are also long-term benefits to reading, some that have been researched by labs and institutes, including the potential prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and other conditions with age.

One major overall benefit is that reading, especially with the turning of paper pages, is a physical and mental activity combined, which helps intellectual stimulation a great deal. In the same way that educational lessons for young children at the interactive level are promoted for greater stimulation and development. While keeping the mind active and developed over time there is much to sustain with age. It can help prevent memory loss, while also maintaining a solid thought process and intelligence. In the same manner, stress is reduced, the daily activity process is maintained and your brain is refreshed in a manner of speaking.

There is nothing to say that reading the same amount as you did in the earlier days of school is necessary, but there are books coming out all the time, along with older books that can be read over and over again for entertainment. I know that I try to pick up a book now and then to help make sure I keep my own mental activity refreshed, especially when I realize I have spent almost all of my time in front of the computer working and then resting in front of the TV. The written word is then able to provide a little brain exercise!


Author: sara-copywriting

Freelance Web Copywriter

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