There is so much that it has advanced over the past year or more – It’s hard to say whether this is to be considered an addition to the feminist movement, or if there is some sort of control or advancement being taken by the women who waited so long to step up and speak their voice. What was the reason for the wait?

Those Being Charged

Some of our nation’s largest executives and leaders were apparently making these mistakes up to thirty years ago and more, and there was no indication of mistreatment. Why were these women keeping quiet? Did they believe the threats that were placed on them regarding their personal and professional lives? (Most recently we have heard about the CEO of CBS and more… even our own president has mocked this movement and the questioning of the reliability of male leaders in our country. Wow! That’s a guy who we should trust to put our best face forward!)

The Depth of the Charges

Now, there is much to consider, especially in the fact that this is a serious topic, though this is not something to assume of all the men in our nation. Just like every population, you will find the good and the bad members, but we have to find a measure of balance. Is there really a way to get some sort of even communication among all of those in our nation? Is there a way to keep this topic from becoming one that is so much more political than it is legal? There is a part of me, as I am sure it is for many of you, where there is almost the point of throwing my hands up in the air and running from the United States in frustration, especially as we no longer seem “united” in any fashion.

With all of the amazing claims and now upcoming legal updates, there is much to see from the Me Too Movement that has only truly been moving forward for the past year. It is incredible to see how many women have finally been able to come forward against some of the largest figures in the entertainment industry and others as well, making it incredible to anticipate where the next claims will come from. I know that I have to wonder where the next battles will rise, including that man we have been calling president for almost two years now.



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