As of 2018 we already have a number of properly supported fields that are beneficial to working in a “gig” state, at least where you are able to work as a freelancer or for yourself. I know that as a writer I like the ability to work in these terms, especially in the fact that I am able to contract myself out for projects and employers that I see to be the greatest fit for my skills. Working from home is an incredible benefit in this day in age, especially with the ability to avoid traffic and other troubles of the commute and sometimes of the workplace in general.

There have been articles written over the past year or so as to the most common fields in which it enters a career under the gig economy.  Some of these include:

  1. Deep Learning Jobs
  2. Blockchain Jobs
  3. Robotics Jobs
  4. Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin
  5. Ethical Hackers
  6. Virtual Reality
  7. Amazon Web Services, Lambda Jobs
  8. ReactJS Developers
  9. Final Cut Pro Jobs
  10. Instagram Marketing Jobs

With the ability to enter most of these careers that pay about $40 per hour or more, it is also nice to have the ability to work freelance. There are many benefits to building your own career, even if you have developed a contract under a company that pays for your services. It may not be the same as building a company of your own, but there is often a great deal of freedom and flexibility of your work.

Often there is the ability to take on a couple of different part-time projects together rather than just one full-time job where you sit in the same office every day. There is even the ability to negotiate on your own terms the level of work you will do for someone, without the worry of having a manager slouched over your shoulder every second of the day. The basic summary is that there are a number of well-paying jobs out there that also offer a decent amount of freedom and independence for your own life.


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