It’s only a few days in so far, but there is no effort on the part of our (you-know-what) of a president to come to an agreement with Congress. It’s hard to believe that this man thinks of himself as someone who is doing things so wonderfully for our nation when he is beyond willing to have thousands of government employees either out of work or working without pay!

There is so much that makes me wonder how much longer we will be able to stand this individual who thinks of himself as a politician and seriously seems to avoid the truly political issues in order to make himself appear to be some martyr in terms of representing his campaign promises. If he thinks that stealing five billion dollars of federal funds for this supposed wall that was not going to be paid for by the American people at all then he is incredibly mistaken.

There is so much to question when looking at these interviews that he completes on television. After going back and forth from firing one associate to another, then cutting off the benefits for our own people, there is so much more to be done.

Where do we go next? I have to tell you that something about this presidential term has left me feeling empty about living in this country. I know that many times in the past I have always felt confident about leaving my hometown, but those are personal issues. Lately, things about the battles that exist in our federal government have made me wonder what may happen soon in the manner of leading to our democracy collapsing to the ground. There seems to be nothing sturdy left about our nation at this point.

I feel like I have so much more to rant and rave about this topic, but I don’t know yet where to go. Any ideas folks? What do you think about what is happening in our nation? I would love to hear it!


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