Okay… I know that I have to sit here on Christmas day as I question the status of the government to this day. Especially with the way that things have progressed over the past couple of years, with continual internal battles, is this something that is really worth all of the spite and anger that seems to come out of this so-called leader of our nation?

I just watched a quote that “everyone wants a wall”! Well, I know that I don’t. I know that I have seen plenty of other reports where members of Congress have fought back against this requirement that he is stating. What is this five billion dollars going to do for the nation? Honestly? There is so much more that we could do with that incredible amount of money than build a wall that was originally promised to come from the wallet of the Mexican government.

With the technology we have today is there really the need to build this massive wall? Something that people would eventually find a way to climb over on a regular basis? Something that we would have to pay for manual labor to manage in protection? There has to be something with much greater potential given all of the technology we have in our hands these days that could provide visual assistance for the protection against unwanted immigrants entering our country.

However, there is no reason for this continued rampage that simply pursues the idea that every single immigrant who enters our country is a criminal. With children who have passed away after being taken from their families to those who have been locked away as criminals, there is so much more that we could do in order to help maintain a steady process or method of handling these people that so much desire the positive nature of the American culture


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