Many researchers are now studying the various links between sleep deprivation and weight. One of the most significant findings to this point is that a lack of sleep tends to occur among adults who weight more. Those who don’t get enough sleep at night, as well as those who do not sleep in regular patterns throughout the night, tend to have cravings for unhealthy foods and eat in excess as well.

Both surveys and studies have collected information for almost four decades now, helping to learn how nearly 10% of all American adults. Additionally, there is much to consider with the point that more of those who are studied appear to be women than men, adding more details required to the studies.

Many studies have proven there to be a connection to shorter sleep periods as well as poor sleep quality. An incredible problem that has been found in these brief sleepers with poor patterns is the secretion of hormones that increase appetite and food cravings. The hormone ghrelin increased appetite and the other is leptin that indicates satiation. Additionally, there is the potential for greater eating without increased energy. Lack of activity reduces the number of calories burned, and those pounds continue to pack on.

Several potential ways exist to help improve sleep patterns and reduce the risk of obesity. Sleep deprivation can lead to being too tired to exercise or maintain at least a decent amount of activity. There is also the potential for poor eating habits, whether it is overeating or choosing unhealthy foods. Sometimes those times at night when you find yourself in sleep disruption in the middle of the night a sudden craving may occur in addition to regular meals during the day. All of this adding up has the highest potential to lead to obesity.


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