2018 Lawsuits Remaining Against Trump…

As far back as February 2016, there were almost 170 federal lawsuits filed against the man running for president.  Now… we have plenty of locations to see where states, media companies, and many others are lashing out at the president who is proving to be much less than the leader of our nation.

On August 3 California filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration over changes to fuel economy and emissions standards. This includes a battle between the EPA and automakers, whether there is a value to Trump’s proposal lock-in model year 2020 fuel economy and emissions standards for cars and light trucks versus the tougher post-2020 goals set by the Obama administration. Apparently, current administrators say these are not justified and will only raise the prices of new cars and keep older ones on the road. Safety is apparently an issue being presented here, with older cars noted as unsafe, however, different statements have been made by the NHTSA and the EPA, that Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient (SAFE) Vehicles Rule for Model Years 2021-2026 Passenger Cars and Light Trucks (SAFE Vehicles Rule) will correct the national automobile fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions standards so that consumers have greater access to safer, more affordable vehicles that are cleaner for the environment. As of right now, there are at least 19 other states backing California in their opposition of Trump’s attempt to reverse the Act. There is only potential with the suit to keep moving forward for the safety of the environment. The NHTSA and the EPA report that current standards have been a factor in the rising cost of new automobiles to an average of $35,000 or more.

As of 9/21, there was also a published article of  “The People vs. Donald Trump: Every Major Lawsuit and Investigation the President Faces.” Donald Trump faces added lawsuits personally and in business, where he may be indicted on charges by federal prosecutors. This could burn his seat out from under him due to the question of whether a sitting president may face criminal charges. There is no real clear answer as to the constitutional nature of this situation, with lawsuits brought in state and federal court by individuals, companies, and state attorneys general against him personally and in his role as president. All of these include his company (the Trump Organization), his charity, (the Trump Foundation), and his three oldest children in a variety of potential jeopardy. After the three-year sentence placed on Michael Cohen, for his guilty pleas related to tax evasion, bank fraud, lying to Congress, and campaign-finance violations, as well as about $2 million in restitution to the IRS, fines, and forfeiture, there remains the questions as to how much of this also lies on Trump’s shoulders.

We all heard about the 11/13 CNN charge where the president was sued for barring Jim Acosta from the White House. From this point, it was a rant and rage about the ability of the president to move forward with cases like this, and eventually in the loss of this chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta regained access to the White House. With so much that Trump has to attempt at the so-called “fake” media, there is much to say for the holes he digs for himself as well. With issues like this, there is much to see in what will happen in his relationship with the media and his own appointees over the coming months in the new year.

As of 11/24, a judge ruled that the New York State’s lawsuit against The Trump Foundation can proceed. So many penalties against the president and his supposed charity could be brought to the forefront. Filed back in June, this lawsuit filed by Attorney General Barbara Underwood involves a number of allegations against the foundation and its use of funds to settle business disputes and support his presidential campaign in 2016. Trump’s three children are also named in the suit, with other judges refusing to have the case dismissed, as was requested by Trump’s attorney at the time. This one will be a big deal in the upcoming year, especially with the back and forth nature of his cooperation with Congress.

While we have recently discussed the intention of several states to sue the president for his work against fuel economy and emissions standards, there are questions (at least mine) about how many times he has been sued overall since taking office. And, interestingly enough, even as of LAST AUGUST it was still well over 100.






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