Tips for the Ketogenic Diet

Why the ketogenic diet works is still unknown, and is difficult to follow, relying almost solely on fat and protein for calories. It provides a number of benefits, from weight loss in some to seizure control in others. Doctors typically recommend it only for children when it comes to epilepsy, while parents can strictly monitor their eating habits. The ketogenic diet is almost never prescribed to adults, who generally make their own food choices and often have difficulty complying with the diet’s strict guidelines.

Wild-grown or plant-fed meat and seafood

These are the best to gain from when working on starting to benefit from the ketogenic diet, especially as there are no secondary carbohydrates or grains from the food that is loaded into the bins where many animals are held. There are a number of organic plants and other sources that can grow cows, chickens, fish, and other animals that are able to help provide the purest proteins and fats for your ketogenic diet.

Get your carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables: most including berries – and organic is the best option

It is important to remember not to add any form of simple carbohydrates or sugars to your daily intake. There are plenty of tasty items that may provide a little bit of sweet to your meals without worrying about the sugars that lead to the build-up of fat in the body. With the ability to lower your carb intake to about 5% of your daily diet, there is much more to benefit in your body’s burning fat for energy rather than the sugars you are taking in. It also has the ability to add some energy and focus to your brain, with the nutrients and natural fats that you will be taking in regularly.

Vegetables are of the greatest source of nutrients since they have the fewest carbohydrates, and again, organic is considered to be the best option

Fresh vegetables are the greatest part of the ketogenic diet and need to be taken in every single day. We all grew up hearing from our parents that we need to eat our vegetables every day in order to get our vitamins, but as we get older it is easier to make the decision not to follow through on the lessons we were taught as children. However, this is one of the best things to return to. With fresh vegetables, and most often the organic option, there are fewer potential chemicals and fertilizers on top of the nutrients you need. So, whether you snack on them raw, sautee with meat, or bake with another meal, there are a number of options for eating your vegetables.

Dairy should be minimized and, if possible, it is good to use grass-fed, full-fat dairy products when cooking. Everything needs to be as natural as possible

Dairy is an option while following the ketogenic diet, but it needs to be used in balance with the ratios that are intended for both health improvements and weight loss. Some of the best things to do include using the whole milk and other full-fat options that may be part of the cooking of many different recipes. You will have the ability to add the needed fat and protein while keeping the carbohydrates to an absolute minimum.

Whole eggs (including the yolk, so that you get the fat as well as the protein and maintain a proper diet balance) – Again, organic and free-range are the best option

And here we continue with the potential use of dairy, especially with the whole eggs, especially with free range and organic. When you are in need of cream and other items, it is always best to use the full-fat version, and use items like pure butter if you are cooking.

**Remember that there are substitutes for processed, high-carb foods that we have eaten over time, including pasta, bread, chocolate and more. There are ways to cook unsweetened, high-fat, natural options, that may taste different and take a little time to get used to.

**Basically, the goal is to break the addiction to sugar. It’s almost like quitting smoking or drinking. There are so many processed selections that are marketed and sold to us in the grocery as the low-calorie, low-fat options needed for our heart and circulatory systems, but that is actually ruining us because of the amount of processed sugar they provide.



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