So we got a version of the report… will we have all the final answers from Mueller soon?

We continue to hear about the Mueller investigation and everything during the past few years that may provide potential connections between Trump and Russia. There are so many of us sitting on the edge of our seats with the ticking of the clock loud as a bomb while we wait in the silent room for the final word.

Even though the apparent report that was presented on BuzzFeed was discredited, there is still so much to be questioned or determined on the long list of points that are coming to the front of the line. With so many different issues still kept secret, there are voices that need to be heard in order to verify so much information that has been collected by the agency for such a long time now. All we continue to ask ourselves is, “What could we possibly prepare for?”

There seem to be so many potentials. Whatever reason that the Russians had to play games within American social media in regards to the 2016 election could have had any number of potential reasons. No matter the connection of certain businesses, or the Russian leader himself, there is a great number of questions that we must continue waiting to know the answer.

It’s easy for so many of us to have our own perspectives on the type of person, professionally and politically, that Trump may be, but there is only one true person who will eventually have the full compilation of an investigative report on what happened during the election.

With the FBI having even started this investigation in the first place, there is much to wonder about the potential issues that are already realized. While there have been over a million news cycles since the origin of this investigation, there has been so much information publicized along with so much info that is still private from the public. Considering the firing of so many different political leaders by Trump there has been a grave need for Mueller to get involved in this investigation, and even more deeply as time pressed on.

So, with everything that we see in the news today how much farther do we have to hang on until the release of the full report? Though all of this “fake” (ha-ha) media has blown much of the case wide open to the public, there appears to be a great deal of legal information that will still be coming back, especially upon the further presenting that will be done in front of Congress. No matter whether there will be information told by Comey, anything that may have been a part of his firing, or from Attorney Cohen apparently coming quite soon.

All we can do is hold on tight and wait for whatever may come next!


Author: sara-copywriting

Freelance Web Copywriter

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