It’s so sad that our leader lashed out without any support of his advisors to say that we would be removing troops from Syria, followed by the lies of which his administration was accused on the fact. Therefore, I have to wonder if we are still honestly still planning on complete removal of our troops from Syria. So much has been stated back and forth from the president and others while there is much to be considered regarding all of the news surrounding this issue.

Especially with the bombing that occurred only a short time later, killing a number of Americans, there is much to consider as to whether or not the journey out of Syria would even be a safe one. While so much addition of equipment and more would be needed simply in order to make the trip out, there is a question of whether it is quite worth the expense at this point when it is pretty clear that the statement that we have officially defeated ISIS in that area is not a true one.

We are losing trust from the international allies who rely upon us for support, whether it is political, economic, or military. Or position as a world leader is falling apart when these things are stated without any real evaluation. With presentations from Turkey and other lands that we are not providing any sort of honest consistency in our statements or what we agree to provide to other lands, there is much to wonder about what will happen as our economy and democracy continue to fall in status with the many things that are happening internally at this time.

After making an open statement, without the approval of the government or administration, there ended up being more chaos than calm about the idea of bringing our soldiers home. Even though the initial statement may have had a number of families thinking that a loved one was on the way home, there was almost nothing worth feeling positive about with a single statement from someone who at this point lacks support from a great deal of the nation.



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