It’s amazing today that the memory of the battle that was once fought for civil rights in our nation has now so fallen apart. There are so many people who are treated with ill will in the 21st century, even though it may not always be something about racial difference.

There is even more happening today in our nation with the challenges and battles that are not necessarily physical, but many of them are emotional. Some of them are in need of the evening of what has been done for the past couple of years under the belt of a president who has not been making any real move for the improvement for the people within our nation. Fires have launched so brazenly during this period, especially because of the minimal attention that has been placed upon the actual reality of safety and regulatory needs of our nation.

A part of me thinks today as to what someone with such strength as Martin Luther King would say if he were here facing all of the issues on the news today. There is so much more that we could do to treat each other with honor and respect than is being done. There is even much more that our own president and government could do to treat the people of our nation with respect than they are doing. We have a president who stated that he would take responsibility for shutting down the government, but now he blames all others for the status of the situation.

Next, what do we think the Senate and Congress will be able to do in order to make things move forward? It is as though the tensions in our nation have been building from one coast to the other, based upon any number of issues from school shootings to the abuse of children in church schools. With people taking it upon themselves to lash out about these topics, there is a complete fall of organization in those who want to walk and speak out, as anger and rage become the sort of taunting presented on the news between these different groups.

Despite civil rights, something that Dr. King fought so greatly to gain, there is nothing of freedom or equality that feels friendly in our nation right now. So much time has passed, but there is definitely something of a feeling of reversal in what we have going on in our nation and world today.


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