Do We Have a Definition of “National Emergency”?

What is needed to proceed with the claim of a national emergency or crisis at the border? There doesn’t appear to be any real supporting data, but the president wants to claim the fact that it is his right alone to move ahead with this.

Does he not realize that the claim of a national state of emergency will just extend the current situation into a further legal lull?

The crisis and emergency that continues is that of the government shutdown. There are many different places where a definition of the phrase “national emergency” may be found, but who actually makes the final determination?

Some of those definitions may come from old-time dictionaries like Merriam-Webster pr even from some of the more contemporary locations like Wikipedia and other online dictionaries. Merriam-Webster refers to a national emergency as “a state of emergency resulting from a danger or threat of danger to a nation from foreign or domestic sources and usually declared to be in existence by governmental authority.” Then there are other online dictionaries like the Law Dictionary that provide as simple of a dictionary like “the term that is used to describe a crisis that involves the security and safety of the country.”

Even more so there are many issues that come from the ability of the president to make his own determination of the national emergency that he believes to exist at the country’s southern border. However, it is helpful to the country to know that the judicial branch of the government has a great deal of review to be done in order to determine whether this national emergency is accurate and provides the need to spend a great deal on something that may not increase the security, safety, or quality of our nation.


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