His lies and abuse of power in order to manipulate the response of his base about these items that he believes to be such a crisis. And of course the biggest cry out of “Wolf!” is this supposed national emergency that exists at our Southern border.

After claiming that he would take responsibility for a shut down it is now not something that was his decision or something that he is responsible for. There is almost nothing that we, as the American people, can trust out of the mouth of the man who is supposed to be the leader of our nation.

What about the potential of another shutdown? What about the oncoming loss of jobs in so many industries that are affected by the tariffs making their way into our nation? So much that is crumbling under our president’s ego that we have almost no way to keep our economy and democracy upstanding.

Eventually, when something real happens while he is in office, no one will be able to listen to him or believe him about a trouble that is making its way. I have so many more things on my mind, but I don’t know how long I want to ramble on about this at this very moment tonight.

I think I have plenty of time to talk about our miserable, despicable president later, as I do so often. I’m sure there will be plenty more things told about him on the news in just another 24 hours that I may be able to toss him up against a whole new wall. Good evening to you all.


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