So, how many more tariffs do we have entering our economy? Are they taking over the retail and sales businesses of our nation? Of our world? Are they harming U.S. businesses?

News has even reported that because of the trouble of gaining materials and parts, they may have to move out of the country. So many of those jobs that our so-called president has tried to promise to be growing will possibly be heading to the countries he wants to block off. Some of our auto plants may be going to countries like Mexico in order to avoid some of the greatest shipping tariffs.

Other industries that work to help consumers save money on things like energy and utility bills are being cut off from making purchases that would help to manufacture their products cost-effectively. Without the ability to purchase parts of the solar panel or other renewable energy products outside the country, these items are becoming much more expensive to create. Then the installation costs must go up. Everything becomes more expensive in order to help keep those businesses alive. And then the consumer loses all interest in the product. At least until they can afford them again.

Are there more business moves to follow? Have many of them found that there are better options than staying put and waiting out the trouble? Could they possibly believe that there is only a little time until everything goes back to positive? Maybe that we have a positive situation on the horizon.

Tariffs are a definite danger to our economy, but we can only hope that it is something that this horrible president has put in place that will be torn down once he is taken out of this role. Only with hope can we all believe that there is much to consider for the growth of our economy with a greater balance in Congress. Fingers crossed for improvement.


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