I just saw on the news that the very church under which I was raised has openly blocked the allowance of homosexual ministers and same-sex marriage. I understand that I am not the most religious person in the world, I believe in spirituality, but I also feel that every person has the right to their own self-identity.

There is no reason to force these ministers and couples out of the church simply for being honest about their identity. So long as they are not pushing this belief or identity on anyone while they are acting as a part of the church, I would not see in any way how being gay would make anyone less Christian.

This has to be something that is such a closed-minded decision by a church. If two people love each other and want to make that commitment to one another, having a respectful relationship, then the church should not have the right to block them from their population.

Apparently, the minister of one of the United Methodist Churches here in the Cincinnati area is being expunged by the church because of being openly gay and married to another man. I find that unacceptable. If he believes in God, believes in the church, and spends his time in ministry focusing on that fact and not blabbering on about homosexuality, then it is not in any way relative to his role as a minister.

I am baffled that this is even the remaining closed-minded nature of the church in which I grew up. It makes me never want to walk in the doors of one again, but maybe the one of this minister who has been so accepting of all members of the community, no matter how they identify their sexuality or other personal traits.


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