A Truly Heart-Warming Act of Generosity

Something that is so rare these days, about 20 minutes ago I saw a truly generous act from one individual to a couple whom he does not know at all. As I sit in a little restaurant around the corner from school, doing some of my work and getting ready to complete my class readings for this evening, I just witnessed the event of a gentleman sitting alone paying the entire bill for a senior couple sitting right in front of me.

Just as he was leaving, I saw him provide a wave of notification to the server and tell her, “It’s all paid.” I could only think that he mentioned his bill and wanted to make sure that she knew he wasn’t walking out, leaving his tab unpaid. Then, a couple of minutes later, she walked over to the couple sitting at a table right here in front of me, leaned over and said, “The gentleman sitting at that table right over there (pointing her finger to where he had sat just minutes earlier) has paid your bill. It’s all taken care of.”

They both looked over and then looked toward the door. It was adorable that they almost looked sad about the fact. The woman mentioned to her husband, “We didn’t even get to thank him.”

Now, I know that isn’t something like a glorious charitable donation or thousands of dollars to a family in need. But acts of generosity and kindness just don’t seem to be seen that often these days. We all spend so much time arguing over the most unimportant things going on in our nation and world, that we forget about the value of life, honesty, and kindness.

It certainly made me smile.


Author: sara-copywriting

Freelance Web Copywriter

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