At Least 15 False Claims Made During Trump’s Relaunch!

Starting with the improvement of air… there was the apparent claim that with all of the improvement in jobs and increase in the people going to work we are still greatly reducing the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. HOWEVER, scientific research shows that it is already increasing by almost 3.5% simply since 2018. So, where will we go from here with all of this water and air that is supposedly better than it’s ever been?

Then the issue of Russian investigations and the 40M dollars… and there is no proof that this is the ridiculous amount that was spent on the Mueller investigation. This is a number that seems to be pulled out of the middle of no where by Trump and Juliani in order to try and support his verbiage of the “witch hunt” that was held against him.

Then the wall… and that is one that I DEFINITELY don’t want to start my rampage about. With all of the campaigning he did stating that Mexico was going to pay for hundreds of miles of large concrete wall. And how much do we have? NONE!!!

There were so many more, on top of the thousands that he has made over the past 2.5 years. So much of what comes out of his mouth is a simple cartoon that can’t be proved. No wonder he thinks that the media is fake! The media is constantly able to prove him wrong and he believes that any thing that is not his statement is a lie… when, in fact, HE IS THE ONE LYING CONSTANTLY!

And if I go any further I will continue in all caps with exclamation points…






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