Hard to Imagine Such a Harsh Break of Family Ties!

You probably already know that I am a freelance writer and I work with several clients for the various personal and professional content. They all need these pieces for various reasons, and usually I work to help them build websites for businesses and other needs to increase sales, improve marketing, or other business growth. But now, I have a new client, Jackie, whose husband of decades still haves the challenge of a son who continues to attempt legal control of his life.

This is not just a story like something out of reality TV, though it is something quite similar. While we have all faced family conflict of some sort throughout life, it is hard to believe that a child would attempt to overtake his father’s life and legal rights in this manner. After a lifetime of draining the father, D.B., his son has taken it upon himself to falsely claim a continued ownership of his father’s power of attorney.

Some of this ill-treatment has included the cancellation of doctor appointments, medical procedures, and other necessary care. The son has continued to work in an effort to remove all of DB’s rights, even though they were legally passed on to Jackie years ago. If you take a look at the story expressed in this GoFundMe story, you may have the desire to share at least a small donation to help this wonderful main retake his own rights from a son who seems to desire the fall of his father’s life.

In this story, you will see that Jackie is working to acquire the services of more qualified attorney than that of the son, who has helped to overtake the legal rights of D.B.’s property and livelihood over the years. This lovely, Christian, caring woman could use the assistance and prayer of as many people as possible to help recover the proper life of her husband as long as possible.


Author: sara-copywriting

Freelance Web Copywriter

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