What shall we expect from talks with Iran?

Somehow the president and other members of the administration keep assuming or at least telling the rest of the world that the Iranians are prepared to talk to the United States. But the news continues to tell us that this is not true.

Then we have a drone shot down and there are all kinds of threats about military action, or maybe even bombs! But Trump still wants to play the peaceful president? In love with all the international leaders who are unlike the Americans? Willing to do what’s best for everyone, but full of his britches when he needs to talk a big game?

There is something about all of this that doesn’t add up. It’s like the puzzle pieces don’t fit. I revert back to my question of whether or not there is any real clear plan inside this administration.

So, back to ALL THOSE QUESTIONS?!?! What do we do now? How do we work with the election to get some changes in place? Do we really think there will be any potential for impeachment… at least for an impeachment inquiry?

I’d love to hear what ALL OF YOU OUT THERE have to say!



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