Everyone has faced a challenge with at least one family member in their lifetime, but imagine having your legal rights stolen from your oldest child! I recently heard the story of a woman whose husband is facing this very challenge. Even after taking all of the essential legal action in regard to paperwork, this couple has to battle a son’s false claim of power of attorney.

At this point, a much more powerful lawyer is needed to take the case to court, and Jackie needs assistance to pay these fees. During our time setting up the work I would do to help her with this need, I heard a touching and private story about which she faces great concern for her husband.

The husband, referred to as DB for his privacy, financially supported his children for years, only to have his legal rights stolen in recent years. The long-term selfishness of this child has become an issue now of harm to this man’s health and life. He is currently in need of medical care and certain procedures, but his son has continued to work in an effort to remove all of his father’s rights.

If you take a look at the story expressed in this GoFundMe story, you may have the desire to share at least a small donation to help this wonderful man retake his own rights from a son who seems to desire the fall of his father’s life.


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