I believe we have Mueller in front of Congress this week…

After something I saw ealier this evening I wonder what there will be to express to the country with Mueller in front of the questioners of congress in the next couple of days. Apparently there was much more evidence from WikiLeaks than what has been presented to the American public at this point so far.

From here it makes me question so many different steps that are being taken. Especially as we have a president who is not willing to apologize for completely dehumanizing four congresswomen on a social media app that he states to be his press system!

What more does he have to say in racist and white supremacist natures about everyone else in this country? About everyone in the American nation whom he is supposed to be protecting from the rest of the world?

At this point the leader of the free nation is not even worried about the things that we are facing, but only about campaigning in an attempt to regain the 2020 seat in the White House. How honest or honorable is that in any way?

I speak in completely opinionated terms, but the more I watch on television, the more I see how we have certain issues in our nation crumbling around us! What do all of you think?

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