So, a SECRET Agreement with Mexico? How Much are We Supposed to Believe?

We all know at this point that the agreement made with Mexico is “secret” but already on its way to making progress. But if this process is already so successful why is it something that we aren’t allowed to know about?

Is there a true possibility that this agreement will come to some sort of resolution in a timely manner? Will it be able to help those people who need asylum from those nations that are killing them and placing them in danger?

Apparently, there is supposedly some immediate trust in the Mexican troops who have only been in place for a few months to help with their immigration problems. And we are the country with the most money and supplies to have our military and law force working for the health and safety of these immigrants looking for a new life.

With all of this “hidden” from the American people who Trump is supposedly working for. As much as he states that he has improved the position and the presence of our nation, for some reason so many things seem to be crumbling around us.

Where do we go from here? Where do we go with all of these secret and beautiful letters that are coming from international dictators and other leaders? What will happen with him supporting all of these nations that are killing American visitors as well as family members of their own leaders? Shall I continue…

We will see as all of these silly or supposed “deportation” efforts continue throughout our nation! (Or not?)

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