What is Trump’s OBSESSION with Kim Jong Un? Dictators in general?

Headed to Iowa to start campaigning, there was much to Trump’s support of his relationship with North Korea

Apparently there is so much more valuable relations needed in those secret and beautiful letters that come from Kim Jong Un. It seems like this continues over time and this is something along the lines of his “best friend” who Trump wants to make it sound like he is improving international relations.

Additionally, there is more of an acceptance of this relationship and the denial of anything that the CIA under Trump’s leadership would lead to the taking on of Kim’s brother, leading to his murder. Is Trump able to simply forgive all of these things? Allow the presentation of an evil dictator be something that is now accepted by our democratic nation?

There is also more of an apology required to the dictator of North Korea than there is to maintain loyalty to the American people. Even more so, there is much to question as to whether our president is taking on this same type of ruling over the American people. Especially considering his relationship and friendship with Vladimir Putin, even though an American is being held in distraught in Russia.

Where do we go from here with this selfish, ignorant man ignoring the values of the American people in order to maintain his relationships with international dictators?

Even with the death of Kim’s brother and this supposedly being something that Trump would never have allowed to happen. There is a certain similarity that comes with the Saudi prince that also was murdered during his presidency. What more do we have to expect from our president?


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