All of this recent back-and-forth about a racist president…

We are only a half year from the third decade of the 21st century. There are so many other issues that should be resolved and we return to the question of whether our president is racist. Even more than a question there is an argument as to what he has said about four freshmen congresswomen and returning to their home countries. And for three of the four of them it was right here in the U.S.

So much needs to be managed. Trump continues to hide behind Twitter. He hides behind the others that he sends to the press for the answering of questions. He expects those who will simply stand behind him to remain silent without the support of the American people and only the ridiculous support of this ridiculous image that he has created for everyone.

It’s like a sort of mindless claim that young educated women who made their way into congress, working for their own states and communities and the man who is supposed to be the leader of the top nation in the free world has reversed to the language of those early Americans who found themselves built upon a community of slavery.

I have a hard time believing that Trump will even be able to uphold his position on all of this, and that eventually more and more people will learn his simple-minded nature, racism, sexism, and completely crude ideals. Without the strength to even stand up and apologize for improper behavior, without the ability to approach the people of this nation with respect and manners, there has to be something that we have lost.

Have we become a broken, divided nation that is now the laughing stock of the rest of the world?

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