And one of the president’s front-runners lashes back at questions about ethnicity!

Okay… so watching this even more, and the battle over Trump’s further division of this country with his racist comments continues.

Considering the fact that he can’t even stand up and have actual press statements and believes that his “Tweets” are worthy of his own support and validity. As if speaking on Twitter means that he is speaking in worthwhile for press? Come on! For real!

Why are we arguing over the fact that our own president is a racist?!?!

For Christ’s sake we should be so far beyond this fact by now, that this is just almost some sort of surreal existence that we have made our way into as Americans.

And if you have not seen the news preview of Kellyanne Conway and the complete lashing that she gave a reporter that just wanted to find a way to stand up for some president that she thinks deserves her continued support.

And wasn’t is reported not too long ago that her own husband has spoken out about the president and his position as a racist and many other ideals?

Hmmm… now that’s an interesting topic!

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