Consider this… What might happen if, for say ONE WEEK, not a single Democrat responded to ANY of Trump’s racist, derogatory Tweets?

What if this so-called leader lost response to all of those derogatory Tweets that he tends to send out on a daily basis?

This would be a near loss of attention in the media. That so-called fake media that he loves to lash out against consistently.

If Trump saw that all of the bullshit flying from his Twitter account was simply not worth any response or argument whatsoever, would his head simply explode?

I know that I would love to see this man as he found himself at a loss for the response from those who he wants to challenge his position at the head of the nation. Considering the fact that Trump thought he could make up his own direction on the role of president, it would be amazing to see what would happen if those who oppose his position simply chose to ignore his moronic words.

That would be an incredible adjoining nature of those who fight back against Trump. This would definitely be a way to take back the attention that Trump loves so much. He wants more than anything to be the leading actor of the nation while he does nothing to lead the actual safety, protection, and intelligence of the American people.

What do you think?


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