Hearing more and more about another mass shooting in California

I heard about this earlier this morning and found myself in awe. It is hard to believe the number of shootings that continue to overtake our nation throughout the year. 2019 seems to be getting worse and worse than things ever were in the past.

There have been mentions of white supremacy and other issues of hatred increasing within our nation. All of these shootings and other killings are not the result of international terrorists coming into our country. They are Americans who have chosen small communities or groups of people whom they feel no longer have a right to live. Often with themselves as the final victim.

Something is just wrong about this. Small children are shot in the middle of this. Some children have had to learn the reaction to hide under a table or behind a brick wall in order to avoid random firing from crazy attackers. Is that right? Should children be responsible for learning these sort of safety reactions? Shouldn’t they just feel safe when they go out to these community events with family and friends?

Three deaths in Gilroy, CA, at the annual Garlic Festival. Two children and one adult. Absolutely ridiculous.

And then responses from the highest leader of the government don’t really say anything about taking action against these sort of shooters and the access that they have to guns. Hmmm… Is there, even more, to consider there?


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