So, two more Democratic debates complete… have we made any progress toward the 2020 election?

OK… I will admit as most of you also did, that I sat and watched at least most of the speeches and “arguments” that took place. And, of course, it was a little off-color and not quite what I expected.

There were even more news reports on television today on how a majority of the candidates standing on that stage took attacks at former President Obama’s term in office. This is something that is definitely worthy of concern. It is definitely something that we don’t need to drive the members of the Democratic party even farther and farther apart. Even against the most recent Democratic president who managed to maintain almost complete support from his party.

So, now we have a great deal of wondering in what Trump will be doing on his lash out on the public ere in my hometown of Cincinnati, OH, tonight.

I will admit that I am a graduate student at a local university and my class took the night off for concern of what may happen to the traffic all over the area among other issues that may occur.

So, where will things lead over the next 15 months? There is not that much to help determine at this point who the actual candidate will be since there are so many battling for that position, but there is still the need to find the one who will be able to shove Trump out of the White House.

At this point, the question of impeachment becomes one without an answer with every day that passes. Considering the length of time that the proceedings would take, there are two different ways that Trump could play that battle in his favor as he further takes his 2020 campaign into the wind.

Any ideas? What are we able to do as the United States population to help unite all of those among that party that needs to bring our nation back to “normalcy”. At least with that as the word being used on the news regularly.

Even more so, we have Trump turning around to the use of phrases that came from Hilary Clinton during the last election. As he states that he is supposedly unable to calm racist and terrible chants among the attendants of his events, apparently Trump has no control of the American people, our nation, our safety, or what may become of the future.

There is definitely a great cause for worry. What would you do? I’m happy to hear your answers!


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